Children and Speech Development

Hearing loss in children can have a detrimental effect on their learning and speech development if not detected early. There has been a recent change in the testing of children up to the age of 21 within the Government Hearing Services scheme. These changes have seen waiting lists for community based hearing assessments rise to over 12 months!

When your child has middle ear infections or a genuine hearing loss this can affect their ability to develop speech and can also hinder their learning capabilities. It can also lead to behavioural problems. Astute Teachers will pick up the problem, but then the waiting list for assessments can see your child going without diagnosis and further specialist treatment for way too long.

Bonus Hearing can provide a quick and timely hearing and middle ear diagnostic test. We have an excellent working relationship with Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Dr Ekrem Serefli, and together, this gives the assurance that any child with middle ear problems can be dealt with straight away and avoid these difficulties.

If you have concerns or have your child's name on the long waiting list, then phone us now for more information.

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