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  • Children and Speech Development…

    Hearing loss in children can have a detrimental effect on their learning and speech development if not detected early. There has been a recent change in the testing of children up to the age of 21 within the Government Hearing Services scheme. These changes have seen waiting lists for community based hearing assessments rise to over 12 months!
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  • Did you hear...

    We have hearing aids so small they are invisible!!

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  • Selling Long-Term Relationships...

    When I first became a Clinician the hardest hat I found to wear was the “selling” hat! The process of carrying out a hearing test, diagnosing a hearing problem; be it from ear disease, industrial noise, congenital or simply age is a hat worn easily. Showing empathy and having compassion is something that comes naturally to me...
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View the latest in Hearing Aid Technology

Bluetooth options that allow you to connect wirelessly to your mobile phone, the TV, computer, landline phone and more.

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We provide an extensive range of services to assist Doctors and General Practitioners with their patients. For your convenience we have provided an easy to use online referral form. Please complete all required fields and click on the send button, we will contact your patient directly and arrange an appointment. You will receive a confirmation of this referral via email for your records.



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BONUS Hearing Testimonials, comments and letters from client’s that have experienced our services and are now part of the Bonus Hearing family.

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We are proud sponsors of the Hearing Nepal Program

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Independent Hearing Services Clinic


Bonus Hearing is an independent hearing services clinic that has been operating since 2007.  Our main clinic and head office is in Nowra, with additional clinics now open in Warrawong, Bulli, Dapto, Corrimal and Warilla.

We are continuing to grow each year looking to provide our independent and personalised services to the hearing impaired of the Shoalhaven, Illawarra and the far South Coast.

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