The Team at Bonus Hearing

Jodie Stewart

Jodie Stewart - Audiometrist  (AcAUD, Diploma of Hearing Science)

Jodie joined the hearing industry in 2008 and has a Diploma in Audiometry.

She is friendly, caring and very passionate about helping hearing impaired individuals achieve effective and meaningful communication in every aspect of their lives.



Edward Bosloper - Audiometrist  (AcAUD, Diploma of Hearing Science

Edward has a keen interest in technological advances and is dedicated to provide a professional and compassionate delivery of hearing health care. He has had experience in private hearing assessments, Workers Compensation and the provision of hearing aids under the Office of Hearing Services program.

Edward started his career working 2 years full-time in Industrial Deafness and Workers Compensation before taking on managing his own business in Manly. He has now made the move to the South Coast to build a future with his fiancé. Edward is keen to build his client base and establish good relationships with referral sources.


“We are a small, family owned and operated business.

Our passion is keeping people connected to life through hearing care and to restore life’s precious sounds, to the hearing impaired through the use of hearing aids.”
Donna Bonus

Let me help you to regain your hearing and to hear my morning sounds too. Phone now for more information or contact us for a hearing check.

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