Selling Long Term Relationships

Selling Long-Term Relationships…. When I first became a Clinician the hardest hat I found to wear was the “selling” hat!     The process of carrying out a hearing test, diagnosing a hearing problem; be it from ear disease, industrial noise,  congenital or simply age is a hat worn  easily.  Showing empathy and having compassion is something that comes  naturally to me.  However, then we have to say, “the solution to your communication problems is to purchase a  hearing aid and that will cost you $$$”.

I am now very comfortable wearing my sales hat, because my customers often comment on the value they receive from me..... because we don’t just sell hearing aids, we sell relationships too.  What does that mean?  At Bonus Hearing, we don’t   fit and forget you.  We fit you and then look after you. We nurture you and monitor your progress, we provide annual check- ups, regular calls to check if all is OK.  We send you birthday cards, invite you to pop in any time for a “cuppa” and send you information on anything that is new on the market.

When you purchase a hearing aid, the person you purchase from should be someone you trust and can rely on to continue to “look after you”!  And, that is what we are striving to achieve at Bonus Hearing.  When you lose your hearing it is often a very slow and gradual process.  So adjusting to life with hearing aids is a slow and gradual process.  We are there for the long-haul and support you in every way.  So if you think you would rather invest in  a  relationship contact us now.  Or why not pop in for a “cuppa and some bickies”.  We would love to meet you!

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