What We Offer

Bonus Hearing is a team of highly qualified Audiometrist.  We focus on caring and building relationships with our clients, providing support and ongoing management and care.  We are a family and want our clients to feel that family bond as well.

Hearing Assessments:

Screen Test – a basic screen of hearing to determine if a hearing loss is present and if there is any medical condition that may need further investigation.

Diagnostic Hearing Test – a full hearing test which includes: air conduction, bone conduction, masking as required.  A diagnostic test also includes:

  • Speech testing - this is performed to see how clearly speech can be understood and is used to assess the potential benefits of fitting a hearing device.
  • Tympanometry - this test is performed to determine if the ear drum and/or middle ear may be involved in any hearing loss detected.

Industrial Deafness Test and Quotes

A full hearing test which includes: air conduction, bone conduction, masking as required.  Percentage loss calculations and discussion about suitable hearing aid amplification to meet the needs of the client and adhere with the current WorkCover guidelines.

Pre & Post-employment Hearing

If you are starting a job in a noisy occupation and require a hearing test we are able to perform this for you.  If you are leaving a job where you have been in excessive noise then you should have a hearing test to determine if any permanent damage to your hearing has occurred.

Hearing Aid Assessment

If a hearing loss is present and the client has identified problems/concerns that they are having with their everyday communication; then we will discuss and demonstrate all brands and styles of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fittings

We fit the latest in digital hearing aid technology.  Today’s technology changes rapidly and at Bonus Hearing we like to stay ahead with continual training on new products and software. Being fully independent gives us the advantage to choose the very best product for your needs from all the major manufacturers - Bernafon, Unitron, GN ReSound, Oticon, Sivantos, Phonak, Widex, Starkey, Sonic Innovations.

The fitting process takes approximately one month with a minimum of two appointments.

Support and Follow-up

Bonus Hearing prides itself on our continued support and follow-up of after sale care.  We don’t just fit and forget you.  We will provide a courtesy call every 3 months on average to check if all is going OK and we will encourage you to attend for your annual review.

Custom made Ear Plugs

The most common uses for custom made ear plugs are swimming, noise protection, sleep and musician filtered ear plugs.

Home Visits

We understand that it is not always easy to come to us, or that you may have poor mobility and feel more comfortable being seen in your own home.  As we use state of the art portable testing equipment we can provide you with the same level of quality service in your own home. As part of the hearing assessment requires finding the softest levels that you can hear, controlling noise levels in your home can be a little more challenging in some cases than in the clinic.

  • Think about the rooms in your house that are the quietest and have easy access for us to bring in our equipment
  • We will need a medium sized clean table and two chairs for performing your hearing assessment.
  • Good lighting is important as we will be using computer equipment.

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